The Traineye perfect putting aid will improve your game, we guarantee it.

Use the Traineye indoors and out to improve your putting game.

With 10 years in the making we have perfected the putting training aid. The Traineye will focus your attention where it counts, your stance. Once you are able to correctly position yourself over the ball you can then use the Traineye to square your putter face using the lines on the Traineye putting aid. When the bottom bar disappears you are properly aligned over the ball. Now it is time to take that stroke. Think about a pendulum and that is exactly how you need to swing, back and forth in a robot motion.

Why can the pros putt so consistent? it is their stroke. They have complete muscle memory of every movement throughout the putting stroke and now you can too. Use the Traineye to develop the stroke that will reduce the number of putts on the green by increasing your muscle memory.

The Traineye works both outdoors and indoors. We also include a practice target which is smaller than the hole and makes a tink noise when the ball rolls over it. You can use this marker both indoors and out while practicing your putting stroke using the Traineye professional putting trainer.

Some advantages to the Traineye putting training aid:
You always use your own putter and nothing hooks, screws or rubs against it.
There are no batteries or anything to turn on and off.
No interchangeable cartridges.
No conversion kits.
It is small enough to drop in your golf bag and light enough you don’t know it’s there.
Works both left and right handed golfers.
Simple to set up and use.

All of this means you will never have to worry about getting to the course and needing some batteries or waiting for that replacement part to show up.
Pick up the Traineye and you will immediately notice a difference in your putting score.


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