Traineye Instructions

1. Insert the Traineye into the green or supplied base if indoors.
2. Align bar with the direction of putt (the supplied target and/or hole).
3. Place center of ball directly under bottom bar (closing one eye help’s) when you sight down at the ball.
4. Get into your putting stance and look at the ball. If you can’t see the bottom bar you know your eyes are directly over the top of the ball.
5. Position putter face squarely behind ball, use the lines on top of the Traineye as a visual reference.
6. PUTT...

top view of the traineye


Use the supplied target (which is intentionally smaller than the hole) as an audible aid, which tinks when hit. Hold your head position throughout the putting stroke until you hear the tink.

The Traineye helps develop the long term muscle memory you need to putt like the pros. WIth a proper alignment over the ball you will inherently swing the club in a similar manner as a child swings on a swing set and this is the proper. We compare between the swing of a swing set and the swinging motion of the club during your stroke to help you visualize the proper motion of a putting stroke. This motion takes the arc out of your swing and puts your stroke directly in line with the hole.
So there it is. Simple isn't’t it.

Get your stroke right and you will make the putts. When you make the putts you lower your score. The game of golf is won or lost on the putting green so better your game with the Traineye putting training aid.

We thank you for your purchase and let us know how the Traineye helps lower your score.



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