Gary Brandt, Inventor


Here is Gary’s story on how he developed the Traineye.


I started playing golf in 1972. In 1975 I won 5th Flight in our Club Championship at Indian Tree Golf course in Arvada Colorado. Vic Kline was the head pro.

I finally became a single digit golfer in 1986. Then in 1995 while driving down the road I came up with an idea that cured a particular problem I had with my golf swing. I went back to the body shop I was working at, welded some pipe together and built my first prototype. I practiced every day with my new device. The improvement in my swing was instantaneous. That year I dropped down to a 7 handicap thanks’ to my new device

That year my partner Troy Hale and I won 3rd Flight in the Indian Tree Invitational and the Two Man Match Play Championship. I also won 1st Flight. Troy won 2nd Flight.

I was too busy the next four years to play a lot. Then in 2000 I was taking a golf lesson from Steve Bauerle at Golf Tec. I told him about my device for the golf swing. He tried the device out and liked it so he set up a demo meeting at Golf Tec with a group of Pro`s present.

Ironically, while getting ready to go to the meeting the idea for Traineye just came to me. I went back to my shop and built the first prototype. Because at the time I kept track of my putts. I knew my tendency was to miss to the left side of the hole. The first time I used my new device I noticed right away I was standing to close to the ball. I stepped back an inch or so and instantly my putting improved. Now my arms were hanging down naturally because my eyes were directly over top of the ball.

Then I went to the meeting. It turned into a disaster. I quickly got an awaking call, my device only fit me. It was too bulky, too costly to; manufacture, too complicated, etc. Down in the dumps I switched gears. I showed them my new idea.TRAINEYE.

The Pro`s instantly liked the device because it solved an age old problem. How to position your eyes directly over top of the ball when putting. They also liked it because it was simple yet efficient. That is when I got excited. The rest is history. In 2002 I obtained a Utility Patient #6458041 for my device. After six more years of off and on working, my dream has finally become a reality.

I never could have done this alone though. I`d especially like to thank my Wife and Son plus all my friends for putting up with me. Especially Dave Hansen, Bill Miller, Mark Magill, Darrell Zook, Robert Matuszewski, Bruce Black, John Kennedy, and Steve Bauerle.

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
Gary Brandt


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